Ten Foods Found in a Fraternity House


Want to see where your fraternity house sits on the Greek food chain? After polling guys from across Greek row, we have come up with a list of the top ten most frequently found foods in fraternity houses. Here is our challenge for you:

1. Walk through your house and see how many of the following foods are found.
2. Tally up all your findings.
3. See how you stack up!

Don’t see a food that frequents your pantry? Send us your findings and we’ll add it to the list!

Read, Set, Chow!

Pop the lid, fill water to the line, microwave for a couple of minutes and you have a cheesy delicious pasta meal fit for a king. Or a college kid running late to class. Either way, it’s good, and it’s probably served in your house.

Do you have this in your house?

Ah, the Poptart. Have you ever met someone who doesn’t love a Poptart? It’s sugar stuffed inside bread topped with icing- what’s not to love?

Do you have this in your house?

Dry and straight out of the box or in a cup to-go with milk, cereal is a college way of life. The simplest form of sustenance for college kids of all ages. All hail cereal!

Do you have this in your house?

There is no shame in the Slim Jim game. If you enter a fraternity house, you will find these protein packed treats around every corner.

Do you have this in your house?

This is about as home-cooked as you will find a meal in a fraternity house. You have to open the can, maybe rinse the beans (if you’re getting real fancy), and then put them in a pot…on the actual stove. You’re practically Chef Gordon for 50 cents a can.

Do you have this in your house?

House-Chef Meals

Luckily, it’s not all fend-for-yourself out there. Most fraternities have an in-house chef to help prepare you three gourmet meals a day. I’ll bet we can guess what’s on the menu.

Chicken comes in many shapes and form and is constantly found on the menu. Chicken nuggets, strips, fried, baked. You name it, and it’s served in Greek houses around the country.

Do you have this in your house?

Spaghetti has got it all. Carbs, meat, sauce, and it’s slurpy. Food and fun all rolled into one! Chances are, this is on chef’s menu at least once a month for dinner.

Do you have this in your house?

As if hot dogs weren’t perfect enough in their original state, someone brilliantly dipped them in cornbread batter and fried them. Plus- they’re on a stick, so grab and go. Win-win-win!

Do you have this in your house?

One simply can’t live in a fraternity house without pizza grazing the menu a few times. It’s basically a portable balanced meal in one delicious triangular slice of heaven, ready to go when you are!

Do you have this in your house?

This might be a rare menu staple but what would a house full of men be without a steak every now and then?

Do you have this in your house?

Check your results below!


Woah Bro!

What are you guys eating? Comment below to tell us what is found in your pantry!



Congratulations- you are totally average! You, along with the rest of the Greek system, are chowin’ on the same grub!

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