Property Management Companies, National Associations & Culinary Consultants

Whether you are in charge of the food program for a property management company, or a national association, headquarters or council, you have to juggle the needs of many different member organizations. Dealing with individual requests, purchasing needs, local delivery constraints, and working to create streamlined processes to manage it all are not small tasks.

Culinary Consultants partners with numerous national associations and management companies to help with the challenging aspects of their food programs.

some additional ways we can help you:

  • Providing an analysis and consultation on your current food program, including existing systems and order pricing vs. our cost savings
  • Website training upon request to help with budgets, guides, reporting, and staying up-to-date on new technology features that your food distributors have to offer
  • A single, condensed credit application to represent the billing for all of your accounts
  • Customization of operation needs like local delivery no matter where your client locations are throughout the country

Because we structure our business model so all our fees are paid by food distributors and vendors, we offer our services at no cost to our partner associations and management companies. There are no obligations or fees to utilize our expertise and services.

Ready to get started? Join our other members today and begin the process of improving your food program.