Food Service Management Companies & Culinary Consultants

As an FSMC, where you provide the detailed meal planning, on-site management, and employee supervision, Culinary Consultants can help supplement your services at no additional cost to your members. When working with FSMCs, we focus our services on streamlining your purchasing and processes, and act as your single point of contact for resolving issues so you can continue to provide high-quality service to your clients.

Culinary Consultants can help you streamline your purchasing through the food distributor, no matter where in the country you would like to be or where your campus or company is located. You’ll receive the same group pricing regardless of your location or how many chapters or local organizations you work with.


  • Website training upon request to help with budgets, guides, reporting, and staying up-to-date  on new technology features that your food distributors have to offer
  • A single, condensed credit application to represent the billing for all of your accounts
  • Seamless setup of any new customer accounts within days of your request
  • A single, national point of contact that goes to bat for you to resolve any delivery, product  and invoicing issues at a national level. All your different sales reps and their unique service  methods across all divisions can be routed to us
  • Customization and streamlining of operation needs no matter where your client locations are  throughout the country

Our goal is to help grow and retain your clientele through our national relationships with the food distributors, while leveraging our national fraternity and sorority organizations at the same time. It’s our pleasure to offer these services at no cost to you — We grow when you grow. That’s the Power of Together.

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