Locally-Managed Chapter Houses & Culinary Consultants

When managing the food ordering and preparation processes for campus living, there is a lot to think about. Many chapter houses don’t have functioning systems in place to effectively handle planning, ordering, delivery and staffing elements of food management. That’s where partnering with Culinary Consultants can help take a lot off your plate (no pun intended).

First and foremost, we can help you get access to discounts on the supplies you already order through our relationships with the food distributor, US Foods. To understand how, take a deeper look at the explanation of how Culinary Consultants works. In addition to helping you save money, we work directly with sororities and fraternities to help build systems and processes that are streamlined and efficient.

We’re helping campuses across the nation!

University of Minnesota

University of Arizona

Arizona State University

Ball State

Wittenburg College

Western Illinois University

West Virginia University

Washington State

Wabash College

University of Wisconsin

University of Washington

University of Virginia

University of Utah

University of the Pacific

University of Texas

University of Tennessee

University of Southern California

University of South Carolina

University of Rhode Island

University of Pennsylvania

University of Oregon

University of Oklahoma

University of North Carolina

University of New Mexico

University of Nevada at Reno

University of Nebraska

University of Missouri

University of Mississippi

University of Michigan

University of Maryland

University of Kentucky

University of Kansas

University of Iowa

University of Illinois

University of Idaho

University of Georgia

University of Fresno

University of Florida

University of Denver

University of Colorado

University of Central Florida

University of Arkansas

University of Alabama

UC Santa Barbara

UMass Amherst

Texas State University

Texas A&M

Syracuse University

Stevens Institute of Technology

Southern Methodist University

San Jose State University

San Diego State University

Rutgers University

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Purdue University

Penn State

Oregon State University

Ohio State University

Ohio University

Northwestern University

Northern Illinois University

North Dakota State University

North Carolina State

New Hampshire University

Missouri Tech and Science

Missouri State University

Mississippi State

Millikin University

Michigan State University

Miami University

Marshall University

Louisiana State University

Lehigh University

Kansas State

Iowa State

Indiana University

Georgia Tech

Florida State University

Illinois State University

Hartwick College

East Carolina University

Depauw University

Davidson College

Cornell University

Colorado State University

Butler University

Austin State

Auburn University

Albion College


Want to help your Campus?  Simply contact us and we’ll make sure it happens!

We’re helping campuses across the nation!

Want to help your Campus?  Simply contact us and we’ll make sure it happens!

some other things we can help you with:

  • We offer consulting services on all aspects of your food program. We’ll help you analyze what’s working and where you can make improvements, including within the systems in place with your food distributors.
  • We can provide a Market Basket Analysis for an ‘Apples to Apples’ comparison of your current pricing vs. our cost savings
  • We help refer chefs when you need to locate a new one
  • Our partnerships in other industries can help you access discounted rates and benefits for your chapters on non-food services and supplies

All our feeds are paid by food distributors so you can access all these resources at no cost.

We are available to help you with any questions you might have, however simple you may think they are. We are passionate about helping our members develop successful systems and we are happy to share our expertise. Would you like insight on how much food and money to budget for each person in your chapter house? Would you like recommendations on good food management companies to work with? Give us a call, you might be surprised with how much we can help with.

Ready to get started? Join us today!