How It Works

Culinary Consultants partners with local and national organizations to help them access savings on their food purchases for their chapter houses or association members.


Imagine you are responsible for managing a local sorority and are in charge of placing food purchasing orders from US Foods. Because you are a single chapter house, you pay full price because your purchase volume is small.

Now, let’s say you discover Culinary Consultants from your friend who is managing the fraternity next door and join the program. We then combine your purchasing needs with the others on our roster and use this much larger purchase volume as leverage to negotiate deals with food supply vendors. Because we have already secured these discounted rates, all you have to do to receive the cost savings is register with us and use your member ID when you place an order with a food distributor. You’ll receive immediate savings on your invoice. You don’t need to purchase a certain amount to qualify and can continue ordering anything in the catalog.


And perhaps the best part? Culinary Consultants services are completely free —no asterisks, no fine print. We’ve negotiated our contracts in such a way that vendors pay our fees so that we can offer our services for free to our partners. We believe our program speaks for itself, and this is our promise to you:

No fees to participate. No term obligations. No off-limits products —if it’s in the food distributor’s catalog, it’s fair game for immediate savings on your invoice.

Beyond basic cost savings, we also provide many additional services to our partners. See our full list of services to find all the ways you can take advantage of our resources.